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Didsbury Sports Ground Ltd.   

Sort Code: 01-02-69

Account Number: 25676911 


Please add your name & confirmation/invoice number as reference.


Alternatively you can make payments with Credit or Debit Card to Russell Hoyte at The Club House Bar. Remember to request a Till Receipt.


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Cheques made payable to:

'Didsbury Sports Ground Ltd'


Send to: Chris Smail, DPFA, 2 Bamford Grove, Didsbury, Manchester,  M20 2FF.


Please write your reference from your confirmation/invoice on the back.




1. Interpretation

(a) “Agreement” shall mean the agreement for hiring, signed by or on behalf of both Didsbury Sports Ground Limited (DSG Ltd) and then Hirer.

(b) “Booked Period” means the period of any day or days reserved by the Hirer.

(c)  “Facilities” means any part of the facilities under the control of DSG Ltd and including its ground, car parks and access.

(d)  “Hirer” shall mean the person or persons signing the agreement or the Company or organisation on whose behalf the agreement is signed.

(e)  “Hire Period” means the period during which one or more bookings have been made and confirmed; the time period on each booked occasion includes the setting up and dismantling of any DSG Ltd equipment.

(f)   “Manager” includes any DSG Ltd member of staff (employed or volunteer) authorised by them to perform any particular duty.

(g) “Organisation” shall mean the Company or Organisation for whom the Hirer works; is employed; or is the nominated representative.


2. Hirers Responsibility

(a) The Conditions of Hire as set out below shall remain in force until such time that the Hire Period has been completed.

(b)  Should the Hirer cease to represent the Organisation, the Hirer will immediately provide a new Hirer authorised to sign a new Conditions of Hire Agreement?

(c)  Failure to provide a new Hirer may result in the Hire Period being cancelled by the Manager.


3. Correspondence

All correspondence shall be addressed to the Manager at Didsbury Sports Ground Ltd. Ford Lane, Didsbury, M20 2RU


4. Bookings/Payments

(a)  Organisations must make an application in writing, at least 28 days before the date required for hire.

(b)  DSG Ltd reserves the right to shorten this notice period or refuse any application for any hiring, without reason or explanation.

(c)  A deposit of not less than 25% of the total charges is required to confirm a booking and should be paid at the time of booking (but not less than 14 days prior to the function or event). This is a non-refundable deposit, which will be deducted from the total cost of the function hire charge.

(d)  A bond will be required for certain bookings. The bond is to cover damage to the premises or equipment, but will be returned in full, within 7 days, in the event of zero damage.


5. Payment

(a)  Organisations will be invoiced for the Hire Period as specified.

(b)  Payment to be made to Didsbury Sports Ground Limited

(c)  Payment must be made within the time specified at the time of booking. This will be confirmed on the sales invoice

(d)  Payment will be required in full 7 days prior to the start of the Hire Period.


6. Cancellation by the Hirer

If a Hire Period is cancelled by the Hirer for any reason then the following rebates on the hiring fee will apply:

(a)   For a cancellation less than 7 days from the booking, you will be required to pay 100% of the total hiring fee.

(b)   For a cancellation between 8 and 14 days before the Hire Period; 50% of the total hiring fee will be paid.

(c)   For a cancellation 14 days or more before the Hire Period no cancellation charge will be incurred.


7. Cancellation by DSG Ltd

(a)  DSG Ltd reserves the right to cancel any Booked Period or Hire Period and to end a Hire Period at any stage during it.

(b)  The Hiring Fee already paid in respect of any period cancelled or terminated under 7(a) will be refunded.

(c)  DSG Ltd will not be responsible for expenditure undertaken or loss incurred, by the Hirer in connection with a cancellation or termination under 7(a).

(d)  The use of certain facilities during a Hire Period may be prohibited and/or varied by DSG Ltd at any time and for whatever reason.


8. Damage to or Loss of Property

(a)  Unless caused by its own negligence DSG Ltd accepts no liability for damage to, or loss of, any property or articles or things whatsoever, placed or left in or on DSG Ltd facilities or any part thereof, by the Hirer or any individual attending an event at DSG Ltd.

(b)  DSG Ltd may remove and store any property left by the Hirer, which may be disposed of without further notice to the Hirer.


9. Indemnity

The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified DSG Ltd against all claims, demands, action or proceedings in respect of death of, or injury without limit to, any person or damage to or direct or indirect loss or damage of property belonging to any person during the course of, or in consequence of the hiring unless caused by DSG Ltd negligence.


10. Sale of Goods

(a)  The Hirer shall not without the prior consent in writing of the Manager, sell or supply or permit any other person to sell or supply or offer for sale, goods of any kind at or on the premises, or anywhere on the facility.

(b)  Only alcohol and food purchased at the premises may be consumed on the premises. Any breach of this condition will result in guests being asked to leave the premises. In more serious cases it may be necessary to terminate the function. There will be no sale of alcohol for consumption off the premises.


11. Damages & Cleaning

(a)  Damage to the facilities will be charged to the Hirer at the cost of repair plus a 10% administration fee. The amount of such damage shall be certified by DSG Ltd whose decision shall be final.

(b)  The Hirer must ensure that the hired part of the Facilities must be left clean and tidy and any equipment used is left in the same condition as found at the end of the period of use.

(c)  DSG Ltd reserves the right to levy an additional cleaning charge should the facilities be left in such a condition as to necessitate unreasonable extra cleaning.


12. Miscellaneous

(a)  Unless agreed otherwise at the time of the booking, no alcohol will be served after 11pm. Guest must consume drinks by 11.20pm.

(b)  Music will normally end by 11.30pm with guests asked to vacate the premises by 12 midnight. Guests are asked to leave the area quietly, so as our neighbours are not disturbed.

(c)  The responsibility for the safe use of “bouncy castles” or other entertainment or activity lies entirely with the Hirer, neither the supplier nor DSG Ltd.

(d)  The use of any entertainment equipment (provided by others) must be approved by DSG Ltd.

(e)  Staff are instructed not to serve guests who are rude, aggressive or obviously intoxicated. Alcohol must not be consumed by Under 18’s.

(f)   The Clubhouse is a total non-smoking facility.

(g)  All visitors, without exception, are subject to the DSG Club Rules.


13. Health & Safety

The Hirer agrees to comply with the risk control measures that form part of the risk assessment for the facilities, under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992. These measures include minimum qualifications for those leading, teaching, coaching and/or supervising activities and compliance with the rules and advice of relevant governing bodies for particular activities.


14. Breach of Conditions

The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring the Conditions of Hire are complied with, by all person using DSG Ltd facilities arising out of or in consequence of hiring. In the event of the Hirer breaching any of the conditions of hire, DSG Ltd at their discretion may cancel the booking and all future bookings. The Hirer shall remain liable for all charges, including cancelled future bookings.

(a)   I confirm that I have read and understood the above “Conditions of Hire”.

(b)   I confirm that I have informed the officers/committee/members of the organisation I represent, as appropriate, of these “Conditions of Hire”.

(c)   I confirm, on behalf of myself and the organisation I represent, our Agreement to these “Conditions of Hire”.



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