1. The Club shall be open in accordance with the hours as agreed between the Company and the Licensing Department of Manchester City Council and as evidenced at the bar on the Property.
  2. No drunkenness, bad language or other misconduct shall be permitted on the Property
  3. No purchased, but unconsumed, intoxicating liquor shall be brought on to, or removed from, the Property. The only intoxicating liquor to be consumed on the Property shall be that which has been purchased from the bar at the Property
  4. Under no circumstances whatever shall credit be given to, or accounts opened with, Members or Visitors at the bar.
  5. All Members and Visitors shall pay the full cost of repairing or replacing any article or property of the Company that has been damaged, destroyed or lost by them or their guests.
  6. Members shall qualify for a bar discount card (which shall be non transferable) after payment of their subscription fees and this needs to be shown at the bar prior to any purchase to be able to obtain the discount.
  7. The clubhouse, balcony and changing rooms at the Property are “No Smoking or Vaporing” areas and any person wishing to smoke must smoke in the areas designated for smoking.
  8. Members and Visitors to the Property must not use any non prescription drugs, solvents or other illegal substances anywhere on the Property.
  9. In the event of fire advise a Club official immediately and if possible isolate the fire by closing any fire doors and leave by the nearest exit and congregate at the muster point in the car park and call 999. Do not stop to collect belongings and do not attempt to extinguish the fire yourself.
  10. No footwear that has been used to play sports at the Property shall be worn in the clubhouse this includes football, rugby boots or trainers.
  11. Members and Visitors must not bring sports bags into the bar areas in the clubhouse. There is a bag drop area located in the annex at the rear of the clubhouse where bags may be put at the Members or Visitors own risk.
  12. All Members and Visitors shall treat all staff of the Company, Directors and Club officials with respect and act upon any instructions given by that person at the Property.
  13. These Rules and Bye-Laws shall be exhibited in the clubhouse at the Property and on the website www.didsburysportsground.co.uk.


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